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It’s with a deep feeling of gratitude that I thank everyone who purchased Four of the Three Musketeers: The Marx Brothers on Stage. The success of the book has exceeded all expectation and I’m pleased to announce that Northwestern University Press has started shipping the newly revised second printing. (Technically it would be the third printing, but who’s counting? An avalanche of pre-orders last fall resulted in the first printing being expanded prior to publication.)

Four of the Three Musketeers: The Marx Brothers On Stage

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I have no self-indulgent delusions about why this has happened. People simply love the Marx Brothers. Hopefully the book is bringing them new fans and entertaining old ones. The most gratifying aspect of seeing this book published has been meeting other Marx Brothers fans at events and book signings. Many of them are young people, who have read, or are planning to read, a 500-page book about some comedians from the 20th Century. That’s especially pleasing because I became a Marx Brothers fan around the time the training wheels came off my bicycle. (I suppose that could have happened at anytime, but in fact it was nearly 50 years ago.)

The revisions in the new edition of Four of the Three Musketeers will be subtle to readers already in possession of the book. (Although I encourage everyone to collect all future editions!) A few typographical errors have been corrected. (Sorry about that, but I take solace in the fact that the first edition of The Great Gatsby had a typo. So if typos determine the value of a first edition, hold on to those early copies of Four of the Three Musketeers!)

Most of the revisions are in the stage chronology, which has been evolving since the publication of the book as a result of reader input and continuing research. Several previously undocumented performances have been added and a few that were not actually played have been removed. A few passages in the main text have been adjusted to reflect the changes in the stage chronology. A few other bits of new information have also resulted in some minor updates. There aren’t any significant revelations not found in the first printing. (I’m saving the discovery of any additional Marx Brothers for the paperback.)

A scaled down version of the newly updated stage chronology now appears on marxbrothers.net. The comprehensive version, which also includes reviews, cast listings, cancelled dates, later solo performances and numerous special appearances, can be found in the book. The web version simply lists the itinerary of the major shows involving the Marx Brothers. New information is still welcome, so please send any missing dates or corrections to minniepalmer@marxbrothers.net.

Robert S. Bader
Author of Four of the Three Musketeers: The Marx Brothers on Stage

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